Collaboration means recognizing that the problems in biomedical science are hard, and solving them requires different kinds of expertise – clinical, experimental, computational, and engineering expertise. By bringing together the best from all of these fields and finding new ways for them to work together, we can create an environment that nurtures discovery and innovation.

To develop these ideas, we consult with scientific leaders in different fields to see how we can best learn from them. We’re starting by inviting them to share their insights with us in small workshops and meetings.

Leadership isn’t defined by age or experience, so we’re reaching out to established experts and the next generation of innovators. We want them to tell us what is holding their field back and how it could move forward faster, and we want to listen and learn from them, and from you.

Over the past year and a half, we hosted a series of scientific workshops in San Francisco and New York, convening experts from diverse disciplines to discuss recent advances, critical needs, and key roadblocks to progress.

Past Workshops:

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