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Request for Applications: Neurodegeneration Challenge Network

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Neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS, are a leading cause of disability and death worldwide. Significant progress in the past decades has uncovered genetic risk factors for many of these disorders. However, the cellular and physiological processes that lead to disease are not completely understood.

To move toward curing, preventing, or managing these diseases by the end of the century, we seek to support a stronger scientific understanding of neurodegeneration. We are particularly interested in examining how neurons, glia, the vasculature, and the brain’s immune system function individually and in interaction with each other to prevent and promote these diseases.

We believe that progress in understanding and treating neurodegenerative disorders requires a new approach — one that brings new people into the field, encourages communication between researchers studying different diseases, and supports interdisciplinary networks of scientists, physicians, engineers and computational scientists who can work together to generate and test new ideas about how to solve neurodegenerative diseases.

To this end, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative will soon invite applications to join its Neurodegeneration Challenge Network.

By making big bets today, we will dramatically expand opportunities for all.

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