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The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative believes that every child should enter adulthood able to recognize and realize their full potential. This means that by age 21, everyone should be able to earn a living wage, build independence, and identify and pursue their passions. We believe a whole child approach to personalized learning – focused on and led by the learner – is the most promising way to achieve this vision.

Our goal is to empower more teachers and school leaders to create learning environments that meet the unique needs, interests and learning preferences of each child while supporting them as a whole person – taking into account their physical, social and emotional development. Learners should also be able to make and demonstrate progress in the way that suits them best, at their own pace, inside and outside of the traditional classroom.

Every child is different. By connecting cutting edge research on the science of learning with world-class product design and engineering, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative aims to help every child access personalized educational experiences that can change the trajectory of their life.

Projects in Education

Our work is designed to make meaningful improvements in people’s lives. We will focus on four key milestones: kindergarten readiness; 3rd grade literacy; smooth transition to high school; and postsecondary success. Examples of projects we support include:

Summit Public Schools. Our team is working on the Summit Learning Platform, a free online tool that empowers teachers to customize instruction to meet the needs of each student and for students to learn at their own pace. This product was created by one of our grantees, Summit Public Schools, a network of schools that take a personalized approach to teaching and learning. Thousands of educators around the country are already using the Summit Learning model to connect students’ long-term objectives to daily class work, discover how each student learns best and create engaging real-world projects. It allows students to pace themselves and helps teachers set more meaningful goals. Our engineers are working to make this platform more robust and flexible so we can bring this incredible tool to more schools around the country.

The College Board. We are working with The College Board to help millions of students across the country – particularly in low-income and rural communities – better prepare for college and career. The College Board will expand access to unique, personalized learning opportunities – including customized SAT practice through Khan Academy, Advanced Placement computer science courses and peer advising through the National College Advising Corps. These resources have demonstrated the ability to help students improve their test scores and identify a program that best fits their needs and passions.

Vision to Learn. An estimated two million American elementary school students have correctable vision problems but lack access to basic eye care. If you can’t see, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with your grade level in reading and math. That’s why we support Vision To Learn, a nonprofit that provides free eye exams and glasses to tens of thousands of low income children around the country. We are particularly excited about this organization and its model because it helps more states draw on public dollars from reimbursement by Medicaid and other programs.


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